So Many Pawsibilities

Oh a very big sad woof and a growl.

I loved being the real star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I have so many adoring fans that are going to be just devastated at not seeing me every week, so much doggy pleasure.

I had to cover my furry ears this week. It was a sad episode, and mistress was upset about it. The litter mates got caught up in this mastiff dog fight and it was a very disturbing. The pack needs to stay together…

My swift lil paws have been very busy writing and doggy blogging, but now it has come to an end. Please make doggone sure if sweet Andy takes my picture down in the clubhouse, you bark your objection. I have loved being part of this puppetry and Bravo has made me a star! People are screaming my name on the dogwalk, I’m even making personal appearances. I was on Ellen this week, and you will see me on the reunion. I think I might have my own show, I Dream of Giggy maybe. And there is talk of me being knighted…arise Sir Giggy! So many pawsabilities!

Anyway whatever happens every dog has it’s day, and I have had more than my share.

So I hope the litter mates can sort this one out. Pretty poodle will mate again, blowfish will get another dog, and mistress will keep that mutt out of my house!

A big woofeee to all of you and thank you for worshipping me.

Gigolo aka Giggy.

You can chase my tail on Twitter: @giggythepom.