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Dog with a Bone

Oh mistress…remember she is unaware of my doggy blog…her driving. Oh, she doesn’t want to be on this side of the road, that’s the first problem. Then Ken, he is even worse. Not that the Gigster can drive. I haven’t quite mastered that yet, the iPad is difficult enough for me. Did you see me? I […]

Dog Biscuit

Oh hello and woof, I just saw this episode it was a ruff week. I can’t believe that my little doggy face must have landed on the editing floor. Where was I? Paw me! How could they leave the Gigster, their most important star out of this week? Please, oh please, tell them that you […]

Heartthrob on Paws

Well I am back after two long weeks of me keeping my woofs to myself! After last episode’s catastrophe–actually, would you mind if I used dogostrophe? I have trouble with that other word–mistress’s good friend Mohammed had a party for her. I am lucky that he adores me, so I was invited too. (But I […]

Gone to the Dogs

Well helloooooo, I am finally after all these weeks being allowed to woof my own opinion! I know for mistress to take a trip without me it has to be something she really wants to do…because to dump my little doggy arse, in Beverly Hills, while she was jetting of to New York is something […]

Wetpaint Loves Me! Woof

You must go read the article Wetpaint wrote about me on their site.  Woofee Woof!

Heartthrob on Paws

No blind date for me, but go to my Bravo Blog for the whole story.