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1 Comment 04 February 2011

Sweet Andy’s Show with mistress and that guy who lives with us, Ken.


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  1. wilma says:

    I don’t know if anyone will ever see this but giggys condition can be from flea and tick medication applied down his spinal area. My pet has the same condition from it, essentially hot spots that are unbearable to the pet and make them feel nerve spasms in other areas of the body when touched around the application site. I will never use treatments like these again and since you have the financial means possibly a vet can help but please please please a naturalist. Also the only thing to soothe my pet has been complete change in diet to homecooked food. Although giggys food looked great on tv it is still processed and no good for his compromised system. Remember that pesticide products work on nervous systems mostly and believe me they do not stop at the pest. Cheers and best of luck to little giggy.

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