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  1. Sandra says:

    I love Giggy!

    • mickey batin says:

      I just wanted you to know, I may not be able to help the hair grow back on your pup, but I believe I can help with the itching without using drugs that cause side effects.


  2. shanti zinzi says:

    I can help with itchy skin-one of my specialties with dogs.
    I do holistic medicine for pets!
    A dog should not be put down bc of alopecia and itchy skin. The breeder is ridiculous and shouldn’t be in the business of breeding.

  3. Lee Anne Arnold says:

    I just watched lost footage. My heart broke for you, I honestly don’t know what to say about your beloved Giggy. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Most people don’t understand how emotionally devastating it his to have a dog like Giggy that has health issues. You’re in my heart and I don’t know you.
    I lost my 13 year old Maltese, Kieffer, over a year ago. Its one of the hardest things in my life I’ve had to emotionally come to terms with. I bought her from a pet shop, (wasn’t in our plans my husband & I were just checking out breeds) i picked her up she pawed my upper lip that was it. She became my heart. Turned out she came from a puppy mill, she had all sorts of health issues. Like you I would go to the ends to make her comfortable with her health issues.
    I was babysitting my nephews girlfriends dog. They always brought me chocolates for babysitting. When they came to pick him up, Anna said oh I left something in the car. I said YEAH my chocolates.. they gave me a lot more than that. I received a beautiful baby pomchi I broke into tears I have never cried before (i’m 56) Molly came shaking into my shaky life, neither one of us shake anymore. Kieffer is still my heart, she has a sister to share it with now.
    Kisses to Giggy

  4. Debbie says:


    You are my daughter Annabelle’s and my favorite RH, but that blinding brilliant light from heaven known as Giggy is the best thing on Bravo, which is the best station on tv (sorry PBS). I can see that you know as much about dogs as anyone, and Giggy clearly has a unique problem, but I have to share my experiences with you in the hope that it may help.

    I have 4 Poms. Keeping them comfortable can be tricky and I’ve learned that the secret is to let them self-regulate their body temperature. This is mandatory for their comfort, both physically and psychologically. There’s always a warm and a cool spot in the room, outside, or in the car that they can move to as needed. The temperature in my bedroom is the same year round, but one day they’ll be stretched out in front of the cool breeze (window or a/c vent, depending on the season) or curled up tight on my comforter on another. Forcing them to be warm makes them frantically itchy, almost as it they suddenly got fleas, and ultimately limp from exhaustion. But they love a sunbath too - I just don’t let them overheat.

    My Rx? Give Giggy a vacation from all stress. #1 no clothing for a month - they may be more irritating than helpful, and he can’t regulate his body comfort. This may be provoking an auto-immune reaction similar to an allergy. If he really loves his clothes and hats, give him some to chew. #2 wherever you are, make sure he’s near a cool breeze and a warm spot, and let him decide, even if he wants to sleep in the sun on the grass (that’s a dog treat that shouldn’t be denied!) #3 let him lick himself and even scratch, as long as he’s not damaging his skin (keep his nails round). #4 let him do all of his favorite things like go in the car with you or chase tennis balls, but keep him out of noisy, stranger-filled environments - it’s sensory overload. #5 if your vet hasn’t tried it already, see if you can try antihistamine therapy, either oral benadryl and/or a tiny bit of Caladryl clear lotion after tepid baths (no soap) #6 ask your vet to do a blood test for prostaglandin levels to see if he’s got hidden pain that you’re not aware of.

    Useful tip: You can instantly tell if he is too hot or cold by feeling his ears, they are excellent little thermostats.

    Good luck to you both!!!

  5. Karen says:

    Has Giggy tried Melatonin for the alopecia? It worked for my groomer’s Pom.

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