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So Many Pawsibilities

13 Comments 21 January 2011

Oh a very big sad woof and a growl.

I loved being the real star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I have so many adoring fans that are going to be just devastated at not seeing me every week, so much doggy pleasure.

I had to cover my furry ears this week. It was a sad episode, and mistress was upset about it. The litter mates got caught up in this mastiff dog fight and it was a very disturbing. The pack needs to stay together…

My swift lil paws have been very busy writing and doggy blogging, but now it has come to an end. Please make doggone sure if sweet Andy takes my picture down in the clubhouse, you bark your objection. I have loved being part of this puppetry and Bravo has made me a star! People are screaming my name on the dogwalk, I’m even making personal appearances. I was on Ellen this week, and you will see me on the reunion. I think I might have my own show, I Dream of Giggy maybe. And there is talk of me being knighted…arise Sir Giggy! So many pawsabilities!

Anyway whatever happens every dog has it’s day, and I have had more than my share.

So I hope the litter mates can sort this one out. Pretty poodle will mate again, blowfish will get another dog, and mistress will keep that mutt out of my house!

A big woofeee to all of you and thank you for worshipping me.

Gigolo aka Giggy.

You can chase my tail on Twitter: @giggythepom.


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13 Comments so far

  1. Anna says:


    I think you should talk to your mom about starting a clothing line for dogs. Perhaps the label, Giggilicious? Let me know what you think:) Take care!!


  2. Lisa in North Carolina says:

    Hi Lisa,
    We have an allergy dog who was on steroids and Atopica for a couple of years. I thought we had no alternative and was stuck on that path. Amazingly, Tallulah has been off all prescriptions for about six months now and it is exclusively because of Eric Weisman’s expertise. He analyzed her blood panels and put her on a very specific human-grade supplement daily routine. You should definitely look into it for Giggy. Here’s the info:

    Good luck - I’m sure Eric can help Giggy!


  3. Connie says:

    Giggy, what will we do without seeing your precious face each week? I can’t wait for season 2 of the RHOBH!

  4. Vi says:

    Giggy, You need to ask Mommy to add yeast to your diet to improve the Ph of your skin. I used to have a pom with the same problem you do. When the doctors couldn’t help I went to the health food store for alternative treatment and that was their suggestion.
    Good luck getting rid of the itchies and don’t worry about the fur, it’s just hot and overrated!

  5. Brad Belnap says:

    Dear Giggy and Mrs. Vanderpump,
    My name is Brad Belnap and I am a water filtration expert. I have treated the water in many homes in Beverly Hills and I have some very specific information for you. I have solved skin problems for many people in your area. The subject is complex but you will see by my web site and due to the fact we are licensed contractors, have active projects in your area, are members of the Water Quality Association, and have an A+ with the Better Business Bureau should attest to my/our qualifications. Please call me or I would be happy to be qualified by one of you representatives. I am not looking for endorsements or money but I have the solution to the skin issue. I watch the THWOBH with my wife and when you were washing Gigi I realized the problem right away. My company goals are to help people first and the rest all falls into place. Allow me to help you both as there is no doubt you are committed to solving this issue. 661-373-7597. Please have faith and call me.

  6. pia says:

    something to consider, if you wish…. my
    3.5 lb Yorkie was just diagnosed with Cushings, the atypical type. Part of the symptoms is drastic hair loss. I’m sure you have the best vets possible, and maybe its already been addressed, but, just in case, thought this might be helpful. all the best )

  7. Sara says:

    Lisa and Giggy,
    I had a dog that was always itchy and we never could figure out why. We called it “itchy dog syndrome.” He went blind from SARDS which was totally unrelated to the itchy skin. After he went blind, everyone told us to put him down, his quality of life was wonderful. He stayed with us for 3 more years until he had kidney failure and we had to put him down. If people want to put down their dogs because of lack of fur, itchy skin, or blindness, they don’t deserve to have such a great companion as a dog.

    Have a great day,
    Both of you are amazing

  8. Giggy, you’re one fabulous canine. Glad to see another dog blogging too! Will miss seeing you every week on the show.

    With Love,

    Fuego The Norwich Terrier

  9. Sydney says:

    Aloe Vera and Shea Butter may help Giggy’s itching problems.

  10. fan in maryland says:


    I think that you are adorable! Loved watching you on tv. You are a star.

    I was sad to hear of your constant itchiness and wonder if you would find some relief in acupuncture. My big girl dog has been receiving acupuncture regularly (for other issues) and we have seen improvements in her health and well-being. She loves it and says that it doesn’t hurt one bit!

    Take care!

  11. Elaine says:

    Hi Gigster,
    Love watching you on TV, my 10 year old daughter and I will miss you till Season 2. We have a kitty with IBD and she needs a L.I.D. (Limited Ingredient Diet). We got her from the ASPCA in NYC, so we know she went through extensive vet care before we got her and we trust their diagnosis and the diet they suggested. We have been using a food made by a company called Natural Balance. They have doggy food too, ask Mistress if she has ever given you this>>>Natural Balance Small Bites Potato & Duck Formula Dog Food<<< This is smaller sized kibble and is sold on and can be delivered to your door. It is grain-free so it is hypoallergenic. There is also wet food available with limited ingredients. Hope you are feeling good, hugs & kisses.

  12. Kim says:

    Lisa I hope you get this message. I would love you to e-mail me if you do. I have a dog who also has a terrible skin condition of continues itching and he was tearing his skin up and they were going to put him down, but we decided to adopt him instead. I learned a few months after the adoption that natural alfalfa is great for skin conditions. We gave our dog 2 alfalafa capsules a day, wrapped in cheese, for about two months. After that we went to one a day and now three years later we do maintain his skin conditions with one alfalfa a month. It is all natural so it cannot hurt to try.

  13. Mary Tiberghien says:

    I’m sure you already know this, but I wonder if Giggy’s itching has anything to do with food allergies. I would suggest that you look into feeding Giggy raw food. There are many brands on the market, and much information on the web on this subject. I feed my schnauzer cross raw, and she is a healthly, happy little dog. From what I have read, dogs fed grain based food can develop allergies which lead to itching. Hope this helps!

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