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Dog with a Bone

11 Comments 19 December 2010

Oh mistress…remember she is unaware of my doggy blog…her driving. Oh, she doesn’t want to be on this side of the road, that’s the first problem. Then Ken, he is even worse. Not that the Gigster can drive. I haven’t quite mastered that yet, the iPad is difficult enough for me.

Did you see me? I so looove watching myself. I feel I am the break out star and I should have more screen time. The screen lights up when my little doggy face appears, don’t you agrrrrrree?

They captured intimate moments with mistress and I,her calling me a sex monster….that’s all true..she worships me…but normally In the privacy of my basket.

Now let’s get to the Pretty Poodle’s dinner party. Who was that mongrel she invited, the one that was chewing on a bone all night with smoke coming out of it? What was that? She was growling and snarling, and I might add lying like a dog. I just caught the tail end of what she was saying but I didn’t like it one bite, I mean bit.

The claws were out, and the heat was on. I think mistress needs me more than I need her. Almost like the tail wagging the dog, she was lost without me to protect her they were like bitches in heat. I think that the main bone of contention was Las Vegas, again. The littermates were fighting. Blowfish was yelling (I don’t call her Blowfish she calls herself that), and it all kicked off. I would like to put a muzzle on all of them, and take them back to the pound! When they left mistress called Ken and invited us for a drink but I was already in our bed eating my biscuits.

Oh thank you mistress for not taking me! What an impossible situation! I will see you next week as we em-bark on our holiday adventures.

Remember my woofs will be heard.

Love Gigolo.

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  1. Leslie Theis says:

    I am following you from half way across the world, I am in Sydney Australia. You make my day Giggy, keep up the woof work, we all love you.

  2. GlamB0t says:

    Giggy, Excelent recap! Phew, the heat was on during this episode, huh?

    Glad you made it out of there to arf about. You stay fuzzy fab baby.

  3. Pom Lover says:

    Gigi you are amazing. You and your mom are the reasons I even watch TV. Have you ever considered video streaming of a day in the life of Gigi?

  4. scooter says:

    Merry Christmas Giggy to you and your ‘mummy and daddy’.
    YES- you need MORE AIRTIME! Those littermates need more ‘gigster’ love! Keep taking care of your mum.
    P.S. My mom mommy bought me PJ’s too, 3 yrs ago- I HATE them… much prefer my T=shirts…. no ed hardy though!


  5. Anni says:

    Giggy, I fell in love with you and googled you online!
    I replayed your appearance on TV over and over! I have a Forever-Baby Dog just like you too!

  6. Linda Lebovitz says:

    Here in Florida we think you should have your own show.
    Why cares about the boring housewives?
    Please tell Bravo Andy!!!!

  7. Jessica says:

    I totally agree with you Giggy!The one that had the smoking bone deffinetly went toooo far!

  8. Valerie says:

    You are the most adorable Pom in the world. I’m sorry you went through the “pom uglies”! Your hair will grow back soon. My friends and I watch every week to see what adventures you and your mom Lisa are having!

  9. Nancy says:

    Oh Giggy
    You are so beyond precious! I can’t even stand it. I wish I could have one just like you!

  10. terradale says:

    Hey GIGGY, luv you. Just saw your video on bravotv - and reminded my mum to repost this for you. She posted it on your bravo blog but isn’t sure your mistress got it. If anything, the coconut oil will really help. My mum shares it with all my furbuds on our mountain in Tn and they love us. And she understands your mistresses concerns, she was worried about moi too.


    Greetings Giggy,
    I heard you we may have something similar in common – alopecia. Actually I have seasonal alopecia and was losing some fur in late winter/early spring for the last couple of years. (grr… do they have seasons in Beverly Hills?) Well anyway, my mum may have found the perfect concoction – besides my Harley Davidson jacket. I know you little dudes have all the stylish jackets, sweaters and coats you could ever want. But, try finding a cool jacket for an 85pd (6ish Stones) Airedale.

    Back to the concoction and of course you should (must) discuss the quantities you might try with your Holistic Vet, but it has cured me. Here’s what I take daily (remember I’m 85pds):

    -15mg of Melatonin at night (in us wolves it stimulates something in the pineal gland that has something to do with fur growth, plus I get a very good night’s sleep.)
    -1000 IU of Vitamin D (aka the sunshine vitamin) in my morning breakfast. (Note: it is important to find the right quantity with Vitamin D, because too much and it can be toxic in both humans and dogs) I realize you probably get all the sunshine you need in Beverly Hills, but sometimes we don’t process it correctly.
    -1 tsp of Organic Raw Coconut Oil in my breakfast and dinner. (I must say I have a beautiful coat, plus no itchy skin these days. During the winter months I would get dry skin before the coconut oil. Plus, it’s yummy.)

    Mum also tosses in some Wild Caught Salmon Oil every so often to change it up a bit.

    As with any holistic remedy, it’ll take two weeks to a month to see a change and another 3 months to see a complete change. Research it a bit and if you do try it – be a little patience.

    Hope it works for you.
    Your friend & fan,

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