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1 Comment 19 December 2010

Oh hello and woof, I just saw this episode it was a ruff week. I can’t believe that my little doggy face must have landed on the editing floor. Where was I? Paw me!

How could they leave the Gigster, their most important star out of this week? Please, oh please, tell them that you want more of little me. I heard that some educated people have been saying that I should be knighted. Sir Giggy, what do you think? There has to be some woof to it! Mistress has said I have to calm down, and not be so dogmatic. But I had an idea, do you remember that film about that horse called Seabiscuit, well what about a movie with me called Dog Biscuit, oh I love this idea, I don’t really run but mistress could run for me. I can see it now, my name in lights…oh yes every dog should have his day!

Well as you saw mistress took her test, with that guy who loves himself. He thinks that he is the top dog around here, well he isn’t, bow woofy wow. Mistress came home the supreme champion. Mistress rules, he doesn’t.

He lies around the pool, and he is no competition for me. If you can’t run with the big dogs, puppy, stay on the porch. That little pawper all day does nothing, nothing. At least I work. I kiss mistress and go with her everywhere: bark mitzvahs, tailgates, all kinds of things. What does he do? Nothing. His hair? I don’t even have hair, just on my legs and head, a bit like mistress …our little secret!

Umm, I have to be careful that mistress doesn’t catch me doggy blogging. I will keep you informed, I know for sure the pretty poodle, the one that’s married to the actor will be having a dinner next week. Hopefully, it will be a dogs dinner and me, the little gigolo will be invited.

Remember my woofs will be heard! Have a dog day afternoon.


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  1. Diane says:

    Does anyone know how old giggy is???

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