My Wardrobe for Andy Cohen’s NYE Party

Andy Cohen LOVES me!!

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What’s in Giggy’s Closet

As one of the fashion obsessed, I enjoy the Closet Confessions videos from Blue Fly, an online retailer of designer fashion and accessories.

Since 2010, Blue Fly has created 45 second documentary spots with trend-setting celebrities giving unscripted tours of their closets.

Personalities such as heiress Nicky HiltonProject Runway alum and notable fashion designer Christian Siriano, Senior Vice President of Bravo Original Programing & Development and talk show host Andy Cohen, favorite Real Housewife of New York City andSkinny GirlBethenny Frankel, and comedienne Joan Rivers share the stories behind their favorite pieces of clothing.

The web episodes were so popular that they aired onBravo television this past fall. To watch the episodes, click here.

Although some of the celebrities are filmed with their kids, dogs and cats, viewers only have a glimpse of what’s in the children’s closets.

There is very little mentioned about how the pets live and if they have their own closets.

As a pet trend and lifestyle expert, of course, I would be interested in the pets featured in the spots and wondered if one particular, up-and-comer four-legged Bravolebrity would be seen in tow with his Mistress at a later date.

I am speaking of the new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dog star, Gigolo VanderPump-Todd.

Born in West Virginia, Gigolo, called Giggy by his family, friends and fans, is the 3-lb pampered Pomeranian of successful British restaurateurs and club owners Kenneth Todd and Lisa Vanderpump.

To date, Gigolo has been seen in every RHOBH episode and writes an insider’s blog about the drama of “the girls” for

Unlike his three siblings (Lollipop-Maltese, Pikachu-Cocker Spaniel, and Buki-Pomeranian), he is never goes au naturale with a just a good grooming. According to his gorgeous dog mama, Giggy suffers from alopecia — a form of patterned baldness, in which he loses his hair symmetrically on both sides of his body. As a result, Giggy is usually seen wearing clothes.

When asked, “What’s in Giggy’s closet?” In an exclusive interview for NBC’s, Lisa told this reporter that that her beloved Little Man has a primarily a wardrobe of pajamas. With a name like Gigolo, I wonder if he is he channeling the original Playboy, Hugh Hefner.

“Generally, he will sleep in pajamas and wear them most of the early part of the day,” says Lisa Vanderpump. She admits that both she and her husband, Ken, are doting parents that take an active part in styling, xs-sized Giggy.

To find PJs for the Gigster, the Vanderpump-Todds have to shop around. One of exclusive the Beverly Hills pet boutiques in which Lisa shops is Doggie Styles owned by my friend, Michael Campbell. Mike supplies Giggy with Klippo sleepwear.

To achieve a look, the couple dyes many of their pooch’s pajamas royal blue, at times. Other than royal blue, Giggy sports colors of white, mauve, purple and black. When asked why he doesn’t wear pink like the stylish Chihuahua, Bruiser, in Legally Blonde movies, I was firmly told by Ms. Lisa that “he never wears pink; he’s a boy!”

Wearing pink for both boys and men is quite fashionable these days, but since his mother is called “Pinky” by those closest to her and is seen often wearing pink, I suspect that it might look too matchy-matchy if mother and dog son are both dressed in the same color.

“On occasion, he is dressed in a sweater, but we prefer that that he wear outfits with trousers like jumpsuits,” explains Mrs. Vanderpump-Todd.

What you won’t find in Giggy’s closet? A fashionable pet carrier or canine tote bag.

“Giggy is never carried in a pet tote. He doesn’t like it and prefers to be carried. Other than the house and the grounds, he never walks on the ground in public. If we put him in a bag, he will bark… just as he does when we go out and leave him at home with the other dogs. He prefers human company; he prefers to be with us, and we love taking him everywhere,” explains Lisa.

“Everywhere,” includes the couple’s Villa Blanca and Sur restaurants, dinner parties, vacations and weekend getaways including an occasional appearance on Watch What Happens with Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Recently, Giggy appeared on Cohen’s New Year’s Eve Special handsomely dressed in a tuxedo with a glittering top hat.

When asked what’s in Giggy’s future? I was told possibly a canine clothing line. No doubt with his style, he will join the ranks of lingerie designers, Jose Natori and La Perla. With two dedicated and loving parents by his side, this dog is going places.

To keep up with Giggy, Tweet him at @giggythepom.

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The Gig is Up

Dog with a Bone

Oh mistress…remember she is unaware of my doggy blog…her driving. Oh, she doesn’t want to be on this side of the road, that’s the first problem. Then Ken, he is even worse. Not that the Gigster can drive. I haven’t quite mastered that yet, the iPad is difficult enough for me.

Did you see me? I so looove watching myself. I feel I am the break out star and I should have more screen time. The screen lights up when my little doggy face appears, don’t you agrrrrrree?

They captured intimate moments with mistress and I,her calling me a sex monster….that’s all true..she worships me…but normally In the privacy of my basket.

Now let’s get to the Pretty Poodle’s dinner party. Who was that mongrel she invited, the one that was chewing on a bone all night with smoke coming out of it? What was that? She was growling and snarling, and I might add lying like a dog. I just caught the tail end of what she was saying but I didn’t like it one bite, I mean bit.

The claws were out, and the heat was on. I think mistress needs me more than I need her. Almost like the tail wagging the dog, she was lost without me to protect her they were like bitches in heat. I think that the main bone of contention was Las Vegas, again. The littermates were fighting. Blowfish was yelling (I don’t call her Blowfish she calls herself that), and it all kicked off. I would like to put a muzzle on all of them, and take them back to the pound! When they left mistress called Ken and invited us for a drink but I was already in our bed eating my biscuits.

Oh thank you mistress for not taking me! What an impossible situation! I will see you next week as we em-bark on our holiday adventures.

Remember my woofs will be heard.

Love Gigolo.

You can chase my tail on Twitter at @giggythepom.

Dog Biscuit

Oh hello and woof, I just saw this episode it was a ruff week. I can’t believe that my little doggy face must have landed on the editing floor. Where was I? Paw me!

How could they leave the Gigster, their most important star out of this week? Please, oh please, tell them that you want more of little me. I heard that some educated people have been saying that I should be knighted. Sir Giggy, what do you think? There has to be some woof to it! Mistress has said I have to calm down, and not be so dogmatic. But I had an idea, do you remember that film about that horse called Seabiscuit, well what about a movie with me called Dog Biscuit, oh I love this idea, I don’t really run but mistress could run for me. I can see it now, my name in lights…oh yes every dog should have his day!

Well as you saw mistress took her test, with that guy who loves himself. He thinks that he is the top dog around here, well he isn’t, bow woofy wow. Mistress came home the supreme champion. Mistress rules, he doesn’t.

He lies around the pool, and he is no competition for me. If you can’t run with the big dogs, puppy, stay on the porch. That little pawper all day does nothing, nothing. At least I work. I kiss mistress and go with her everywhere: bark mitzvahs, tailgates, all kinds of things. What does he do? Nothing. His hair? I don’t even have hair, just on my legs and head, a bit like mistress …our little secret!

Umm, I have to be careful that mistress doesn’t catch me doggy blogging. I will keep you informed, I know for sure the pretty poodle, the one that’s married to the actor will be having a dinner next week. Hopefully, it will be a dogs dinner and me, the little gigolo will be invited.

Remember my woofs will be heard! Have a dog day afternoon.


Woofee remember I am on Bravo TV! You can follow me on twitter @giggythepom

Heartthrob on Paws

Well I am back after two long weeks of me keeping my woofs to myself! After last episode’s catastrophe-actually, would you mind if I used dogostrophe? I have trouble with that other word-mistress’s good friend Mohammed had a party for her. I am lucky that he adores me, so I was invited too. (But I have to say in the past, I’ve seen mistress put her paw down and refuse to go if I, the Gigster, haven’t been included.) I knew it was important as mistress was dressed up like a dog’s dinner. This was no affair for any old dogsbodies. No mutts or mongrels there.

In regards to Martin and Kyle’s litter mate, Kim, I thought mistress was barking up the wrong tree. I think she should put her efforts into finding a perfect match for ME! I’m the quintessential love dog…the heartthrob on paws. I am a four-pound, love machine who has needs too!

I don’t want to sound catty, no definitely not, doggy, maybe, but in the middle of that amazing evening that house boy that stays with us…he’s mean to me, prancing around in his underwear. Put your trousers back on. Maybe I should delete part that as mistress will be after my tail.

All the ladies were there, except that pretty poodle, the blonde, the one that’s married to that famous actor. She must’ve been in the doghouse as she was a no show. Maybe it was the best thing for all concerned, as all seemed to be calm. It was a feast for all-all except me. Platters were passing by, and I was stuck with Ken. Mistress was busy smooching and laughing, and the set-up date seemed to be going fine. I don’t know why you humans don’t just do what we do, and pay a stud fee and then it’s all sorted, you know, doggy style (Mistress always tells me I can’t use those words together. I don’t quite understand why).

I snuggled up to mistress in bed that night and she told Ken (who is always in OUR bed making this ridiculous noise that keeps mistress and I awake) she was happy that those ladies have seemed to let sleeping dogs lie.

Again stay posted for my little woofs, but my doggy blog has to remain our little secret. Mistress says I am getting too big for my boots. I don’t wear boots. I don’t understand mistress sometimes. Just remember I am a sexy little gigolo! And my woofs will be heard!

Love Giggy

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Gone to the Dogs

Well helloooooo, I am finally after all these weeks being allowed to woof my own opinion!

I know for mistress to take a trip without me it has to be something she really wants to do…because to dump my little doggy arse, in Beverly Hills, while she was jetting of to New York is something that does not sit well with me.

Now remember I have sweet pillow talk with mistress every night, and I really do have the inside dog track. Mistress was upset with these ladies.

Now, as I take all of you into my confidence, I have to be doggone sure that mistress will stay unaware of my little doggy blog.

What a muddle you humans create when you probably could have just sorted it out with a good old growl and a snap at the heels. But, oh no, the blonde with massive knockers would not let it go…like a dog with a bone she held on really tight, and the other one, the Demi look-alike, oh she just got in deeper and deeper. Mistress was angry that the tall skinny one, blowfish I think she calls herself (she said that on my dearest Andy’s show), had created this little fiasco. And the Witch Mountain sister, where was she? They come from the same litter right? She should’ve jumped right in there and put that little pooch straight.

I remember mistress calling Ken (he’s the guy that lives with us. . .he shares our bed. . .husband, I think that’s what his title is). She called him and barked down the phone that she missed us and regretted going, oh dear. Love mistress, but she didn’t have to get herself into this CAT fight when she could’ve stayed at home worshipping the ground I never walk on. Oh well, cheerio as mistress would say. . .till next time, woofy.

Love from your favorite little Gigolo.

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Wetpaint Loves Me! Woof

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Heartthrob on Paws

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