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1 Comment 11 November 2010

A diva has arisen from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He’s dissing his co-stars, hogging the spotlight, and proclaiming himself the true star of the series. Yes, it’s Gigolo.

Lisa VanderPump‘s adorable puppy Gigolo (Giggy for short) is making the media rounds — check out his spread in Star Magazine — and now has his own Twitter account. And while he’s only been pawing at it for a couple days, he already has over 360 followers — and a few enemies.

The tiny Pomeranian mix is already displaying a true Real Housewifian level of sass. In his very first tweet, he told his mistress’s co-star Kyle Richards: “don’t be jealous of me I am just a puppy.”

He’s since been snapping pictures of himself, bragging out getting “pawdicures,” and tweeting from the red carpet. Now, he’s starting to bite the hand that feeds.

In anticipation of his upcoming spread in Star magazine, Giggy “writes”: “Check me out in star magazine…soon I WILL be on the cover…I am a coverdog I just know it… woofy woof woof goodnight.”

To which Lisa responded: “Out and about on the town with Monsieur gigolo, he is so excited about his feature in star magazine… I might have to take him down a peg.”

Little Giggy barked right back: “Mistress trying to keep me humble…after I saw my article instar magazine .don’t want to be humble…fame! Woof, methinks mistress jealous”

Giggy also has his own website and unofficial Facebook fan page. But if that’s not enough Giggy (is there ever enough?), we’ve got a whole photo gallery of Giggy in cognito. Enjoy!

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  1. David says:

    I Think He’s Adorable the Perfect Puppy and he Deserves his own Show go for It Jiggy

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