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Every Dog has his Day

0 Comments 14 January 2011

Oh woof I am back,and again Bravo hasn’t quite realized how loved and adored I am by my millions of fans and just tossed me like an old bone on to the editing floor.

But you saw me with mistress in her bedroom, on my little throne, listening intently to that guy…the one who’s normally greased up by the pool.
Every dog has his day, and that mutt has had his! It’s time for him to high tail it outta here!

He is playing with mistress and maybe telling her a tall tail….but I hope he is always good to mistress and doesn’t bite the hand that feeds him!

Now, bow woofy wow, getting on to more important matters like the Gigster! When I saw myself I could not believe how furry my paws are now. On the throne I looked almost bald, and now I am magnificent (see my picture on Watch What Happens Live). That made me feel like jumping through hoops!

Oh well what did you think about one of the litter mates and Blowfish (again, she named herself that)? They were holding paws and I saw mistress growling a little…almost like she was ready to snap. Go mistress go! Blowfish was adopting a hangdog expression and trying to make my mistress jealous by cozying up to the litter mate. But I don’t want to see a dogfight that’s for sure. I wasn’t quite sure what they were rabbiting on about, but I managed to catch the tail end of something and I thought mistress should have put her paw down.

Just another week and it is over. I suppose every dog has his day! Next week the finale. Oh, how I am going to miss you all!

Anyway remember my woofs will be heard and you can chase my tail on Twitter: @giggythepom



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